welcome back iowa

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welcome back u.k.

hopefully, your return to the top of the visit's statistics means you are ready to get the ball rolling

the picture page the writer wants you to have shows you-know-who imprisoned

the picture is from an Undulation many, many undulations ago

then, as now, there are those with selfish interests

those with selfish interests know that to give the representative of you-know-who unfettered publicity would then, and will now, end their control of society

we are in exactly the same situation now as things were in the picture many undulations ago

you have the opportunity to do something about it

it is understood that the "selfish ones" will use murder to keep control

keeping yourself off the "radar" is easy enough to do

use an internet cafe

there are more than sixty in london

there are ten in birmingham

there should be one near to you

perhaps you're going on holiday

use an internet company in that country

if you're really motivated, you could nip over to europe and use an internet cafe there

if you are motivated enough to do it, keep a record of your activity

take a photo or run off a print of the screen that shows the date and time of the amend/s

will be citing you as a mover and shaker in the near future


first on the agenda is to get picture page "Easy isolation" onto the internet

the picture will give everybody insights into his character

it will make people everywhere realise he is prepared to be subjected to anything, providing it doesn't result in a reduction in the quantity and/or quality of anyone or everyone

it may help to realise that his inability to reduce the quantity or quality of life isn't a creed he adheres to

it is at the core of his being

he has to comply with reality

he can no more reduce life than reality can reduce the number of planck times that already exist

even when he is being subjected to indescribable experiences

a fact that those who chose not to exist took full advantage of

they knew that no matter what they did to him, he would always try to prolong their existence


the procedure for getting the ball rolling is the same as before

the pic below is the closest any of the pics came to depicting the surroundings of his confinement when the search term "gorge" was used

first step

remove the mountains, flatten the landscape, straighten out the gorge and the stream, and make the gorge about twice as deep

name the pic "gorge for endic"

then post it on the internet

will check google pics daily

it shouldn't take more than a dozen or so modifications to get it right

messages, questions, comments etc, Here