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causing, directly or indirectly, with or without intent, a prepubescent person to fail to become a parent

Heaven has passed from a person's attainment when they commit murder

(and it is a loss to all)

the following are the reasons why heaven is no longer attainable after a person has taken the life of a prepubescent person

see also Last call and Repentance



the freedom to do whatever you want to do

the character of infinity is endlessness

to become infinite a person's lifestyle has to reflect that circumstance

taking the life of a prepubescent person is an act of constriction and is the complete opposite of reality


Schrodinger's cat

every act, including the act of observation, a person initiates sets in motion a unique course of events that carries into eternity

when a child is killed it is not just one person who has been killed but countless thousands of others who would have come into existence as the child followed the natural order of marriage and procreation



"the act of observation cannot occur without the thing being observed being affected by the act of observation" Niels bohr

what this means is that every act becomes permanently embedded into the fabric of reality and it cannot be undone

however, any act can, and is, either emphasised or lessened every new Undulation


murder is a contraction

a violation of Eternity's Law

Perdition isn't god punishing someone, it is eternity reacting to unexpansive characteristics

for those who have committed murder please see Greetings to the Repentant



see Poincare's theorem of recurrence

whether it be expansive or constrictive what we are doing here and now is what we will be doing the next time we exist at this point of time of Universal Existence

the universe we see around us is exactly as it was the last time we existed in it and it is exactly how it will be next time we exist in it

there are differences from Undulation to undulation because life is biased toward love

 we compound those characteristics we already have

e.g. next Undulation we will make our favourite person smile a little longer or a little more intensely at least once during our lives

or, next undulation we get angry one more time and the bout of anger is a little more intense


so, it's not only the thousands of lives that would have existed had the child gone on to live a natural life this undulation, it is going to happen endlessly

now we can begin to appreciate the full implications of the act of murder

the seemingly insignificant loss of the life of one child has resulted in the loss of a number of beings which is too great to estimate!

see also Ethical Parameters