on and on

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on and on

on and on gives us the means of communicating with someone, in any part of the world at any time

for the ridiculously low price of not more than five pounds a week (mobile calls are free in europe) each of us can have an audio and or a visual 24/7 stream to the world

(essentially a radio and a television)

now imagine you have two phones

one of the mobile phones is doing the streaming while the other phone is in your pocket

the phone that isn't streaming is ready to receive calls

a caller wants to speak about the topic of hair fashion

she says she heard someone mention something about curling the hair in a way she had never heard of and wanted to know the phone number of the woman who mentioned it

the woman streaming gave her caller the number of the woman who mentioned curling hair

planck's postulate

the beginning of the quantum revolution

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bells theorem

every particle in the universe is instantaneously connected to every other particle

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mathematical theory

the theory that opens the door and gives us an insight into how we got here

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when all the theorems and ideas are put together the idea of heaven takes on these characteristics

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a planck time is the least amount of time that exists - it is also the greatest amount of time eternity can generate at any one time

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this website uses the idea of complimentarity to tie together nothing and something


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Flat space

flat space allows us to assign an axis to infinity - which means we will, from moment to moment, be experiencing something new 

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the anthropic principle

there is a special relationship between man-shaped beings and the universe 

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the law

there is only one law... every other law can be derived from this law

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life after death

for most, life after death is a blessing, for others, it is a curse

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life after death

at first, the reader may not appreciate why it has to be a choice made of free-will

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the act of observation

every act becomes permanently embedded into the fabric of reality