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there are numerous points to be made about jesus



jesus didn't know about




jesus didn't die on the cross

he was given a strong narcotic* either before the crucifixion or while on the cross

the events surrounding the crucifixion are... he was given a drink while on the cross... the soldier who speared him was making sure he was dead before handing him over to the people who asked for his body (the soldier who speared him was bribed**)


*the writer met a man who was missing his left foot

a few days later the writer was told he was a heroin addict

he had fallen asleep in front of an open hearth fire after taking a fix

while he was sleeping he stretched out his legs

his left leg went into the fire and he slept through the pain

that's how strong a narcotic heroin is!

**this a rare instance of bribery resulting in an increase in the quality and quantity for many people