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the six-year plan

01012019 to 31122025

5 years, 11 months, 1 week to go

2025 is significant in at least two different ways

1, it marks the end of generation 2000 and the beginning of generation 2025

2, it is the end of the opportunity for devolving beings to choose the future offered in the entry "Open letter to the oligarch's"


organise yourselves into groups of three to twelve and consider yourselves as

ethical group-entities (egee's)

mixed and unmixed groups

a mix of genders and ages for groups

all-female and all-male groups

it is suggested the groups be formed from people who have been known to you for years

this may be what determines the size of your group


the secret services can listen to what you are saying in your home through... the landline phone, the computer, mobile phone

Maj 12 also have the technology to transmit the sound of a voice from a satellite into your living room

(this has happened to this website twice)

this may mean that, like a telephone, they can listen in on you as well


try to have two kitchen waste bins by the end 2023

one for items which can be recycled and one for those that can't


the quality of the food that will be imported from outside of the e.u. will be below current standards

buy from the shops that stock the most e.u. food... lidl, iceland, aldi...


the possibility of two different groups conceiving of the same plan


for a way of communicating not using mobile phones... Citizens band radio

can the distance of the transmission be varied to hundreds of metres or less ?

learn morse code? apply to sound/light/touch/movement

blue tooth (five to ten metres[test the range beforehand])

carrier pigeons


familiarise yourself with the informatiion on This, This, and This page (about one-hour of reading)


check dreams diary (start page) daily 

dreams are "hot off the press" so to speak

being behind by one or two days can make a difference

dreams are also the closest we can get to being instructed collectively by you-know-who


use cash for every transaction


to get an in-depth grasp of the way the jews have connived and deceived their way into the fabric of world trade over the centuries and millenniums see This and This link

to understand why it happened see This link

for an insight into the psychopathy of the jewish mindset - see This link


day/week/month calculator
(project camelot)

steven greer

the legal way