the mistake

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the mistake

"we've made the only mistake we could have made, we thought everyone would want to join with us"

those living within earshot of the writer in 1990 may have heard him shouting this out


the scope for error in this thought has brought into being everything that prevents people from living in perfect harmony with one another... wars, plagues, selfishness, lovelessness... every undesirable thing we experience

a mistake that has been paid for, is being paid for and may have to continue being paid for unto Eternity

to understand why it did happen the following analogy may help

when newlyweds, happy with their state of being, start a family it doesn't cross their minds that their children will choose not to exist

it just didn't occur to us


his compulsion to make the lives of devolving beings as full as possible has come at the expense of a slowing down of the expansion of evolving beings

try putting yourself in his position

you have ten children

two of them "like" doing things that reduce the quality and quantity of life

when you stop them they cry incessantly

ask any mother with ten children what she would do if two of her children woke up crying, cry all day and fall asleep crying

a wailing child is one of the most heart-wrenching sounds a loving person can experience

our maker's feel for life is beyond our capacity to feel

he is giving them their day