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why did nothing give rise to something ?

because we cannot assign an end or an edge* to Space  the notion of expansivity occurs, which in turn produces a Dynamic

*(we can, however, assign an axis)

a dynamic of minimalness suits our understanding since the basis of our reality, a Planck Time, is an individual minimal entity that accrues

the first assessment puts the rate at which planck times are generated at one planck time every 1.3 million years

the latest pic, named "a clouded beginning", shows an acrrued amount of planck times and will give everyone an insight into how we came to be

the pic will be presented when we Get Going


let's try assigning Integers to time and space

one Planck time can be -1 while space can be +1 or vice versa


we start by saying "it makes the most sense to think that nothing is the Eternal state because nothing doesn't depend on anything to put "it" there

further, Space can be thought of as eternity because we cannot point to a place in space and say "this is where space starts" or "this is where space ends", and thus space meets our definition of being both beginningless and endless

now, because we cannot say "space starts here or space ends there" we can  think that it was necessary that eternity "fix" this conundrum by bringing into existence something which produced a comparative situation of Complementarity

the most "thing" eternity could bring forth was the teeniest, most short-lived, the incomprehensibly small finite state of a Planck Time, and further, for eternity to maintain its own beginningless and endless status it will have to maintain this complimentary mechanical state of affairs for eternity


the conundrum

why did the endlessness of nothing giving rise to something ?

current thinking...

a Planck Time is, it is thought, is the maximum reality endlessness can give rise to

it is also thought planck times will be generated unto eternity

the potential of endless motion exists as a change or combination of positions for each new planck time that eternity generates

each new planck time is indelibly imprinted into endlessness in its own unique position

superimposing one planck time on another planck time is not possible

only proximity of position is possible 


it is the expansive endlessness of eternity which caused something to come from nothing and the thing which came from nothing was Time

the most time eternity can furnish at any one time is a Planck Time

eternity can, and will, continue to produce one planck-time at a precise moment after the last one for eternity


the dream-time conscious becomes the awake-time conscious before entering heaven

see Dreams and Dream Theory


the 3 of Pi is the maximum finite and fixed reality which can come from nothing and the endless decimal sequence of pi is the minimum infinitely variable reality which flowed from a maximum fixed and finite reality

it is now thought that the evolution of life contains every variable which can occur with every change of mass up to that time when 3 had an unimaginably large string of 0's

see also Dreams and Dreams Theory 01102017


the thin line which crosses the picture of the universe at the top of the page represents an infinte Straight Line

it is also thought that the movement which exists within the 3 of Pi is limited to the speed of light whereas the decimal sequence of pi is not

indeed, any and all motion not of the 3 of pi may not be able to go slower than the speed of light (picture pages Heavenly Bodies doesn't contradict this)

the man-shaped being is an aspect of the 3 of pi and linear form and motion are of the infinitum of pi

the experiences of life can be viewed as having two halves, pre .141 and post 3 see also Picture Page 2


over the next few milliards, many minds will become insightful as to the Lover's evolution through 3

those understandings will produce the feeling we call humility and the desire to love the one we refer to as god will follow

a love borne of respect is not what the lover wants

all the lover asks of us is that we attempt to match her/his ability to love and play, or, better still, to Play Lovingly

to that end, and while

man-shaped, all you have to do is keep abreast of the writer Ethically

if that's too big an ask, well, you know the story...


several other deductions can be drawn from this idea