the new habitation

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the new habitation

above is the layout for the new habitation

(the picture needs to be stretched upward so the spaces between the buildings are square)

the sanctity of people has to be the dominant theme

avoiding murder in its three different forms is the next step of our evolution

it means a root and branch rebuilding of the habitation

each building will be able to sleep and feed either one million or ten million or one hundred million people

new ideas and innovative thinking will resolve any seemingly insurmountable


the Auditoriums are the buildings where the organising of the construction of the new unnatural-death-designed-out-habitation takes place

translators for the world's 200-300 different languages and another 300-500 translators for sub-dialects (approximately 1000 interpreters)

at least eight times that number will be needed for eight three-hour shifts for a 24/7 live worldwide broadcasting network

a two-way flow of ideas for the entire population of the world to and from the Auditoriums

the greater the input of ideas the more likely it will be that the correct answers will be arrived at in the quickest time

continually running archive channels of one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, one decade and one generation

technical, catering, cleaning, maintenance...

cgi personnel and free-hand artists for as as-we-go graphics and visuals... at a guess, 10 000 + people will be needed for a well-oiled and smoothly-running auditorium

sleeping accommodation, recreation and playing facilities, lounge areas...

we won't know how many people each building will accommodate until the cologne auditorium has begun functioning and it projects the design and functioning within the structures

we will have to do an inventory of all of the world's resources

the movement of people along the thoroughfares will generate huge amounts of energy

whether to build one structure first and refine the next in the light of new realisations ?

when the production of the physical necessities, food, clothes... has been organised we can exercise the playful side of our imagination and fill the new habitations with 24/7 non-stop entertainment and every form of recreation we can conceive


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