the train

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the train

 The lover discovers a qualitative existence which can on go forever

Compelling love, inventive love, and sacrificially-creative love resulted in the First generation

1st generation also comes to feel the need for more life to share The heavenly state and the need to share heaven overrides the desire to experience heaven

the lover uses the same materials he used to bring first generation into being to lay the foundations for yourselves, Second generation, to emerge through Earthly evolution

the mind-staggering complexity of earthly evolution has, so far, produced three or four distinct couples who have achieved Fulfilment from mammal-man and either two or three or six or seven from the dinosaur class 

the coming-to-be of Soul Partners continues until all Classes of beings have fulfilled the numerical structure of either five raised to the tenth or eleventh Power,

5 ^10 or 5 ^11

then, it is thought, the two-parent reproductive mechanism will be Superseded by a three-parent mechanism 

the three-parent reproductive mechanism is then replaced by a four-parent one and then a five-parent one and so on until a one raised to the eleventh power, 1 ^11, Procreational love mechanism is in place and then...?

an endlessly-increasing numerical structure is in motion

we call it the train