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27042020the video above is an hour-long interview with two doctors

the doctors explain how isolation is making matters worse not better

click Here to watch an edited version which presents the main points in three minutes

people, you're being lied to (see Infowars)

the evidence in the video above is indisputable

this evidence has been banned by facebook

28042020ask yourself," why has facebook banned it ?"

is it because facebook is owned by jews ?

are the jews the ones who began the global conspiracy six-thousand years ago ?

see Lead Article

27042020Treatment for the Coronavirus exists but is not being used

see video below

videos below contain contain insights worth familiarisng yourself with


a live, 24/7 video channel solely for the coronavirus

click Here to watch

24042020here comes the vaccine

21042020after a "vaccine" has been "found", various ways of forcing you to take it will be introduced, coercion, financial inducements...

24042020/23042020/22042020the virus currently doing the damage is losing its potency as it reproduces

23042020expect another "outbreak" with the original potency at the end of this year and forced innoculations shortly thereafter

every expert says the same thing, "it will take eighteen months to two years to develop and test a vaccine" see Here

britain and the u.s.a. will do it in weeks/months

how ?

first, both countries will pay volunteers to be tested with "new" antivirus vaccines (see Here)

the volunteer's don't understand or believe the coronavirus is a conspiracy

the conspirators in britain and the u.s.a. have to give the impression of making a "breakthrough" before introducing the "vaccine" for coronavirus

within a few months it will be announced a vaccine has been "discovered"

22042020the "vaccine" will have other viruses in it which will, among other things, predispose you to illnesses

the "new" vaccine was ready before the pandemic began

22042020those who take the vaccine will regain their "freedom of movement", be able to go back to work etc.

22042020the current tactics of social isolation, shortages of food and money are to "soften you up" and ready you for the vaccine

22042020it is part of the conspirators overall plan to gain total control over the lives of ordinary people

28042020it looks like prison inmates will be the first to be forced to take the "new" vaccine


see Here 1 and Here 2

we have to prepare for the worst

if the Global Conspirator's think they are going to loose control they might become totally destructive

close the banks... ration utilities... disrupt food production... spread more viruses


counter measures

start taking your money out of the bank

stock up on storable food


the conspirator's first line of enforcement is the police

if you know anyone in the police force, attempt to enlighten them to what's going on

18042020the mainstream media says "it is a natural entity"

(it occurred naturally)

18042020the Coronavirus is not a

natural entity

18042020"it could only have been created in a laboratory"

18042020the line above is a quote from the

co-discoverer of the aids virus (for which he received the nobel prize [a scientist's scientist])

18042020he explains, in a single sentence, why it must have been made in a laboratory

18042020single left-click Here and read the ninth, tenth and eleventh sentence of the link

18042020the mainstream media says, "the virus escaped accidentally"

18042020the "accidental" escape of the virus was no more of an accident than was the accident which ended princess diana's life

18042020stop believing what the mainstream media is saying

18042020it's slowly, and quickly, killing you

27042020the two main ways the Global Conspirator's keep you under control is money and the mainstream media

29042020join the resistance

have your say and tell others that they're being fed lies

for twelve pounds you can put videos and songs on the internet which other people can listen to or download and you can also share photos, text files, links and your own opinion on the internet

with a website, you can present the other side of the story

the cheapest and easiest way to do it is through One.Com

do it with your boyfriend or girlfriend

(there's nothing quite as strong as a relationship built on the desire to increase the quantity and quality of life for others)

or do it with a friend or with the family

you can get a free website from Wordpress

try the free one and if you find it too difficult too use, splash out a tenner or so for a website through

the more of us who voice our opinion, the more likely it is we will defeat the global conspirator's

forced vaccinations are on the horizon !!

23042020trumps advisor says the sun kills the coronavirus

24042020click Here to see the video in which his advisor explains it to him

24042020the british government should tell carers to put the elderly outside on sunny days

22042020the global conspirator's behind the coronavirus are Devolving Beings

22042020they have lost control of their own Destiny and want to "drag you down" with them

22042020the only people they will drag down with them are those who are already heading that way

11052020the corona virus is less deadly than the seasonal flu

see This video