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man-shaped beings and the ethnicities

Dinosaur man (evolving)
population: more than twice that of mammal man
seven, eight or nine ethnicities

mammal man (evolving and devolving)
population: currently 7.5 000 000 000
four ethnicities



the way to attain an endless, desirable existence is a relatively simple matter

in its simplest form, it is procreation

it was laid down by you-know-who in eternity past (see Noteworthy notes)

it is a precise, orderly progression and it takes a dauntingly long time

there are no shortcuts

however, it can be speeded up both subjectively and objectively

subjectively, we introduce qualitative practice's into our lives and the lives of others

objectively, we can begin bringing Soul partners together

what is being proposed here is, like those enzymes which speed up certain physical processes' millions of times faster than would otherwise be the case, an attempt to bring into the near future outcomes which would not, without our intervention, occur until the far future (millions instead of billions of years)

bringing soul partners together is no easy task (the writer has only come across one instance of it, in england no less)


Ethnicities and inter-ethnic procreation

each ethnicity has as its basis a couple (an ethnic pair) who attained Transmutation in a previous Undulation

like everything else that love/life has done, it was done with a level of precision which has yet to be understood

to attain transmutation, each of the ethnic pairs have, across many undulations, ingrained into their genetic structure the capacity to host fifty-thousand million variations of the same gender

as we know, procreation can occur between different ethnicities

like many things that can happen, it doesn't mean it has to happen

the mixing of the ethnicities is producing a serious problem for their descendants way off into the future

specifically, there is no soul partner for inter-ethnic beings

in the 1960's, the writer lived as a lodger in the home of a family with six or seven girls of an inter-ethnic marriage (dream 15062015)

each of the girls had a unique, appealing character

one of the girls, in particular, was attracted to me and didn't hide her affection for me

the thought of that girl with her boundless love of life not fulfilling her instincts brings tears to the writer's eyes whenever he dwells on it

the writer has the capacity to be either gender at any point of evolution

however, those times are already scheduled to occur at specific dates

it looks like the inter-changing of genders has finished for this undulation

there will, almost certainly, be thoses times when those without a soul partner and the writer are the same gender

inter-ethnic procreation is a tetchy point

it will bolster the convictions of some and dismay others


causes and consequences

the mixing of ethnicities is the result of jewish and british and financiers perpetrating the slave-trade and stealing africa's resources...