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picture pages 3000 are my "credentials" for generation 3000

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picture pages 3000

picture 1

"there's no one here"

this was the moment he realised he was on his own in Eternity

try to imagine that, alone in eternity!

doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

if you or i found ourselves in that situation, it would send us insane

however, he's made sturdier stuff

he came to this realisation in the 2nd Dimension

there are some insights into his experiences before this moment

to a picture, they are suffering beyond your comprehension

but that's the past

the worst for us, world war 1, has passed

there is still the matter of his complete obliteration every new Undulation

the good news is that the experience of Straight-line-action increases in both quality and quantity each Undulation

as life's journey into the endless continues, the experience of obliteration is becoming a reducing fraction compared to his experience of straight-line-action and his obliteration will seem less traumatic

picture 2

this page is entitled "pre-pi"

no words accompanied this picture

the ultimate hard man

unlike ourselves, he can't be broken

this picture is of him in the 3rd Dimension

of all of the pictures of him, there are only three which aren't of him in the third dimension

it was in the third dimension he discovered

Straight-line action,

or perhaps he came to experience straight-line action because he had exhausted everything which could be experienced in non-linear form, (see Pi)

as many zeros as can be imagined can be added to 3.000000000 before 3.14159...  is arrived at

picture 3


another picture of the breadth of suffering he had to undergo

with this one though his pain can be seen

over the last few decades, the writer has listened to remarks from deluded egos comparing themselves the lover

deriding and challenging his wisdom and some even thinking they were greater than he

know this, were such individuals able to tread the same evolutionary path he had to tread, but before they did they would experience two or fewer seconds of any one or two or three of the countless millions of his experiences, which lasted for lengths of time we are unable to imagine, they would die of fright

fancy yourself as having the capacity to endure the suffering he did?

most of you can't even muster the resolve to inconvenience yourselves!

it's time for the high and mighty amongst us to put to bed any notions they have about being his equal

your aspirations, contemporary mammal man, are to spend eternity trying to put yourself on a par with his ability to Play Lovingly

playing lovingly is easy to learn to do

we all start with Ethical Parameters

picture 4

alone no more

the mechanism of the creation of First Generation

this picture defines the word anticipation

the air of eager anticipation is both visible and tangible

he is beside himself with anticipation for at least four different reasons


he's been on his own for eternity past and is about to have company


it will only be gradually realised by the company that they are about to experience the unimaginably desirable

he will be experiencing their feeling of anticipation through them over and over every new Undulation


the experiencing of the anticipation of the unimaginably desirable is going to happen as many times as new beings are brought into existence

(See The Train)


it happens endlessly

yessiree, the good times are coming

picture 5

our first picture of his smile

this picture of his natural smile is the minimum pleasure that accompanies a job well done

he never feels any less satisfied than this when he emerges as a man-shaped being nor will his feeling of pleasure be any less than this for all future undulations

the difference between this smile and the smile he has in Cherub is worlds apart

the smile in cherub comes from interacting with other beings

this was how he looked as mammal man and more or less how we will look in five-thousand-million years

if it wasn't for his torso and if he had a woman's hairstyle, you would probably think you were looking at a woman

a natural equalisation of the genders should begin

you would think that someone who has been around forever would be showing some signs of fraying at the edges

in fact, he's becoming younger as Love/Life moves into the endless

his facial looks will launch a trillion female fantasies and leave us men feeling apart

ladies, i bet you never thought you had a young, mid-twenties, dreamily delicious, devastatingly-shy, god

and ladies, in a few Milliards, when you're well on your way to Fulfillment and he does the equivalent of kissing you, it will take a thousand years to acclimatise to the surge of pleasure

(see The Nervous system

men, don't go off on a tangent on this one

it will even itself out over the next five-thousand-million years as surreal, an unearthly dream-like quality, good looks become the norm

matching the quality of his touch?

that will take the rest of eternity, at least

the permanent smile

he doesn't get angry, smoothes things over, and then goes back to smiling

all those things which make us scowl and frown now will have long since passed by the time he begins to mingle with us in five-thousand-million years

his countenance only ever becomes ever-more pleasure-filled

hard to imagine isn't it, endlessly-increasing levels of pleasure

feelings that are never less than they were the moment before

this smile is the minimum enjoyment for the experiences and efforts of eternity past, or, the Conjugate position love/life always occupies at this point of time of each new undulation

not even plainclothes can detract from natural class

just as well we've got a few  milliards to get in shape

as also can be seen...