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with time for time

how it works

person "a" has an iron that person "b" wants

person "b" offers to swap something they have for the iron

person "a" agrees and they swap items

nice 'n simple

* * *

person "a" gets a new telly

person "b" wants the old telly but the only thing she has to offer for the telly is an iron

person "a" says she will do the swap if person "b" collects her shopping for that week

person "b" agrees

still fairly straightforward

* * *

person "a" wants to sell her settee

person "b" wants the settee but can only offer person "a" an iron

person "a" says she will do the swap if  person "b" styles her hair as well

person "b" doesn't have the skill to style hair but knows person "c" who does

person "b" asks person "c" if she will style the hair of person "a"

person "c" says she will style the hair of person "a" if person "b" babysits two nights

person "b" agrees

still understandable

* * *

person "a" no longer wants her collection of designer clothes

person "b" wants the clothes but hasn't got items or skills person "a" wants

person "b" knows people who do have items and skills/services person "a" wants

person "b" approaches persons "c", "d", and "e" who have items and skills that person "a" wants and agrees to do, babysitting, cooking, house cleaning, washing, and shopping in exchange for the items person "a" wants

 * * *

for this to "take off", we will need a ledger

the ledger will act as a database that others can access

ideally, it would be online

for a variety of reasons, this won't be practical for everyone

it will fall on this website to organise a handwritten ledger as well as an online account

(see pics below)

if it gets to the stage where there is too much to do for one person this website will be seeking volunteers to take some of the load


time for time

time for time is based on the ridiculous idea that no person is more important or valuable than another

how it works

based on £10 per hour or part thereof for each member of the family under sixteen

person "a" is a plumber with a wife and two children under sixteen

for one hour of his time, he receives £40

person "b" is a carpenter with a wife and one child under sixteen

for one hour of his time, he receives £30


notes 1

cost of materials

a man with three children has to work for five hours to collect £50


in a family where the mother is also working...

the wage is £15 per hour per working person

our goal is to arrive at a

40-hour working week bringing in £200 for each member family

services requied