degradation leading to death assertions

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degradation-leading-to-death assertions

part of a person's genetic structure which was originally a thought

currently easily identified through the endeavours of those who desire an amount of money over and above the needs to live healthily

such people will be nurturing thoughts like... "if i had as money as i want i can do whatever i want" (possibly the most commonly prevailing assertion of this type)

these assertions take root as a thought in a person's middle to late teens

the acquisition of money over and above a person's need to maintain health is, make no mistake about this, a degradation-leading-to-death assertion

a person has to look long and hard around the world to see where this sentiment isn't the root and branch of what ails the social structure

the acquisition of wealth is a breeding ground wherein degradation-leading-to-death assertions thrive

avoid the rich and the money-oriented like the plague

they'll drag you down with them