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greetings to the repentant

this picture popped into the writer's mind back in 2009 when he asked the question... "is it possible to neutralize an expression of death ?"

the indications are it is not possible to erase a Death-Outcome Assertion

however, reality can accommodate an assertion of death for the duration of the universe (1^100 Years)

this is another insight into the nature of eternity and the suffering the Lover had to be subjected to comply with eternity's law "expand"

eternity is not concerned with quality, it only knows quantity

we will probably get insights into the breadth of the different realities an indifferent eternity produced before the lover introduced a qualitative thread

picture page "pre-pi" of Picture Pages 3000 depicts the lover having determined an indifferent reality wasn't worth having

in view of his serious expression in most of the other pictures it is heartening to see him relaxed and happy on a matter of utmost importance, which suggests he has just done the last or one of the last major things that had to be done to get the maximum quantity of life for those with a death-outcome bias

his almost rag-tag appearance tells us that there are some things he values over and above the way he looks

this may be as far away from how he can look and still be happy