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the characteristic of love in the heavenly state


30th september 2011

recently the lover brought it to the writers' attention that once love has become natural to our being it takes on a completely different character

once it is ingrained into our being and it has become part of us it takes on a life all of its own

it becomes a living, changing, complex growth

endlesly evolving when it is able to express itself as reciprocating movement in infinty

it becomes an unpredictable and continually changing mix, of intellectual and emotional states

suddenly taking on a new direction which produces an even greater, more appealing surprise, than the one before

love blends with quantum and classical mechanical motions and produces a reality that bears no comparison whatsoever to what we are experiencing now

there is room in heaven for you and as many millions of times more people as you can imagine on earth today

you are urged with as much force that words can convey not to allow anything to lead you away from what it is that life has discovered

the riddle of reality as now gone

loves mystery however goes on and on