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this theory is trying to formulate the why, the when, the where and the what of reality

for reasons not yet understood reality has to answer the questions " when is it" ? "and where is it" ?

the answer to the questions " when is it" ? and "where is it" ? should also explain the how of our existence


12th dec 2012

the main ingrediants of this theory are


time and planck time

the straight line 

quon or quons

bell's theorem


 9th jan 2013

at the moment the theory has just three considerations... zero, the straight line and quons and is presented in this way...

the beginningles of nothing, because it cannot be, gave rise to the endless straight line and the associated geometry of linear form which in turn means there is an infinitely dense state of particles as in the dirac sea

(that's quite a thought... an endless reality that can exist in a planck time)

once something that could be had ocurred for as long as reality could manage (a planck time) the original situation of nothing was back and so the whole thing had to be repeated

and that's the basis of reality... first there is nothing and then there is something

a state of being and not being happening 1 ^43 times a second

at this point quons are going to be given the shape of a triangle...


linear time is the only type of time that allows an unrepetitive... in order for... not to repeat the same...

position in absolute terms only comparitive (two points)

imagine there's a metric theme that accompanies the building of an endless numeric structure and which can be confidently applied to an equation that can be endlessly increasing