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easy isolation

the idea that god can be imprisoned will make you think long and hard about who and what god is

in the matter of free will, it is, above all, necessary a person be given the freedom to do whatever they want to do and let their character develop naturally

if there were restrictions built into a person's character she or he would not be able to expand indefinitely in Heaven, where every aspect of the personality will be magnified to the nth degree

eternity demands that every part of a person's personality expands forever

this picture will give you an insight into what he had to undergo at the hands of beings who chose not to incorporate traits which can go on forever into their lifestyle

this period of isolation could be likened to a young boy being confined to his bedroom for a week with all the gizmo's of modern life

this state of isolation lasted for many millennia

this period of imprisonment was an easy thing for him to endure

there were those who dropped him into a Black Hole (that's one raised to the One-Hundred Power
years of being subject to pressures that only god can endure)

why, you might ask, would anyone want to confine him in the first place ?

tragically, there are those, who, having chose not to practice Ethics, have become frightened of freedom,
who aren't happy themselves and resent others being truly happy