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the bad guys

these are devolving man shaped beings of the dinosaur class of beings

also called grays or greys

(the colour of their skin)

after watching the film the fourth kind and the disappearance of flight 412 it has to be brought to your attention that although the grays are in the bad guy's league it is probabaly the case that there are others who are even further down the devolutionary ladder and rank above the grays in terms of badness



one of the bad guys



don't let the cutie eyes deceive you

these guys are dangerous

their eyes aren't black

they look black because they are wearing contact lenses made of a type of black tissue

they can be seen being removed in alien autopsy part 2





in a group



if you could look at picture 5 of picture pages 3000 and see what the lover looks like you would be able to see just how nightmarish these beings are by comparison

a juvenile in custody in brazil



the gray's agenda




65 million years ahead of us and they still can't keep the young safe



alien autopsy: part 1



alien autopsy: part 2




the question that came to mind after watching the clip below was... if they've been working with us for decades how come the lives of the majority of ordinary people hasn't improved

the fact is the opposite is true

food production has decreased and people are dying of hunger in greater numbers than before

no people, when the  good guys become involved in our civilization things will change for the better for the worst off




reconstruction of an interview with a gray





the fact that this contact happened at the height of world war 2 speaks volumes


rare film of a grey



film of a craft and one of its dead occupants from 1947