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substance and the energy generated by the uncertainty principle each undulation


the lover or life or consciousness or sentience or evolution


it's beginning to make most sense to think that the lover has arranged things so that 1st generation are an intergral part of the mathematical function of 1 x1

( the lover has to remain at a particular stage of evolution to assimilate... this explains why he is the last to become man shaped )

which means that the number of all classes of man shaped beings will, eventually, increase to 1 x 1 ^11

( mammal man is currently at three)

the range of the capabilities of the genetic system haven't yet begun to be understood

please try and understand the function of 1 x 1 is a precision piece of reality

the parts that make up the structure of this function have to fit exactly to enable it to continue endlessly as part of the whole

those acts and thoughts that form a persons' genetic structure have to have one configuration and one configuration only if a person is to become part of it

an incompatible genetic structure will be allowed to fall by the wayside of love's path and be replaced at great cost in terms of unwanted experiences to others