after thbrain the heart is the most sophisticated thing in the body

                         and the brain is the most sophisticated thing in the universe

                we are now going to try to understand the second most complicated thing in the universe


as a result of today's dream    an emphasis is placed on the

inter-dependence of the entire physiology

it is expected that as an understanding develops most of the parts

of the body will have to be connected one way and another to

formulate applications

neither is it just "solid" knowledge that has to be considered

indeed, it is probably the case that it is, exclusively, an

ethical    issue

which means wer'e back into politics  and

the oligarch's   


in view of the fact that the writer smokes (on average 25 gms

every 5-6 days) you may question whether he's the best person to

try to formulate something as important as this

the writer questioned this aspect of his lifestyle a couple of years

ago and this was the reply he got    

the fact that the lover made light of what many will see as a very

serious matter doesn't mean to say it is to be taken lightly

link 1 is a personal picture page

smoking roll-ups is less harmful than "tailor-made" ciarettes which

have salt peter in them

salt peter is used to keep the cigarette burning  

your own common sense should tell you salt peter has a lot to do

with the harmful effects of smoking

not to mention that cigarette manufacturer's were caught putting

amonia in "tailor-made" fags a few years use back      so

the nicotine would get deeper into the lungs (to make them more


that the lover chose to make light of the writer smoking (link 1)

applies only to the writer


.. . .. . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .