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space is the beginningles. the nothing which is everywhere but cannot be somewhere

3rd dec 2012

the most common use of the word space appears to be when referring to the amount of room there is

"let the children go and play outside where there is more space" and "the house is too small we need somewhere with more space"

perhaps the second most common use is when we use the word to describe anywhere beyond the atmosphere of the earth... "another rocket was sent into space yesterday" and "space, the final frontier"


present an explanation in a non scientific way of what it is that actually exists between one quon and the next nearest quon to it

it may be easiest to explain what exists or can exist within space by starting with the simplest structure that we can picture in our minds-eye

this article is going to start with two 2 dimensional triangles ...

8th july 2013




euclidean geometry

the straight line

flat space