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the lover

the man shaped being

collective love


classes of beings




 femininity and masculinity

 those attributes that define the spiritual and physical differences between women and men

 dinosaur woman do not have  breasts or hair

 consequently the bonding between the infant and mother doesn't occur as quickly or as intensely as it does with ourselves...

 the personality characteristics are produced  in heaven, through acts of love, and manifest themselves as physical characteristcs via evolution 

 acts of love that brought about the physical differences between women and men were/are just that, a marked increase of the ability to love in heaven which then manifests itself as a marked difference in physical attributes through evolution

 this entry has prompted the thinking as to what it was that caused the introduction of reproduction amongst first generation

 the initial thought is that it was, and will continue to be, an extension of the lover's initial compelling love which infects us all

a compulsion to bring more life to heaven and which will be part of everyones feelings in the fulness of time

 see also collective love