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a being who is in the process of changing from a man shaped being into a virus


those who know what the consequences of murder are and continue to do things that make it happen






the degree or intensity of death outcome acts compounds as a being descends further down the devolutionary scale

it starts with a relatively mild form of murder, say a car " accident ", where intent wasn't present and where guilt and grief are felt by the driver, and then will, across successive undulations, take on a more callous nature and eventually the life-taker will feel no sense of guilt

when a devolving being slips below that point in time when the car doesn't exist the manifestation of a death outcome assertion will be enacted with no feelings of grief or guilt as in the case of an official sentencing a juvenile to death

the point to understand is that a death outcome assertion can only deteriorate if a being does not embrace repentance











the “asteroid ” that hit the earth 65 000 000 years ago that had an explosive force 10 000 times bigger than all the atom bombs in the world put together was not a random event *

 indeed it may be that it is a necessary act that will continue for more undulations ahead that this website is currently able to formulate

it happened 65 000 000 years ago this undulation

it happened at the same time last undulation

it will happen again at the same point in time next undulation









there are those who are not death oriented aiding and abetting beings with fatal tendencies

those aiding and abetting such beings are destined to experience the death outcome realities that those in the state of perdition are creating…