one of the giants of original thought

among other things aniximander was the first to recognise that evolution is occurring

seeing that babies were helpless at birth he realized that it couldn't always have been that way

darwin, through his elitist education, came across his insight and began to develop it

you'll notice that the controlling clique have made sure that most people think that darwin originated the idea of evolution

not for any particular reason especially

deceiving people is a natural by-product of a devolving being

it's how they get their jollies

it's easy enough to get people to think what you want them to think when you control the bulk of the world's media

and while we're there...

** it should be realized that the speed of light was first accurately determined twenty years before einstein was born

einsteins claim to fame is not the discovery of the speed of light but the theory of relativity

there is a dispute in the scientific community about who it was that discovered relativity

it is agreed by all that it was max planck (the originator of quantum theory) who coined the phrase "the theory of relativity" and it is a matter of verifiable record that poincares presented his mathematical formulae of relativity four weeks before the one that einstein presented in which einstein didn't acknowledge poincare as beng the originator of the theory

given the fact that poincares was the greatest mathematician of his time and that einstein was a clerk, this confusion, you are invited to consider, is the jewish control of the media rearing its ugly head again and using popular media outlets to brainwash people into thinking untruths and gain popularity on the backs of other peoples endeavours

this website maintains that it was poincares who originated the idea of relativity and that einstein, in collaboration with hermann minkowski, plagiarised poincares theory of relativity

it was around the 1890's that the zionist movement realized that by owning the popular media the information that ordinary people got could be used to manipulate their thinking, just as their manipulation of the news does today

how many of you reading this knew it was anaximander who put forward the idea of evolution more than 2000 years ago? or that poincare got there first with the theory relativity

how many of you reading this still think that germany started world war one and world war two ?

see the federal reserve

see also politics: the three party interpretation

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*** again we have the travesty of one man discovering a fundamental feature of nature and the facts being perverted by the oligarch's in collusion with the third party

like anaximander who recognised that evolution was occurring and had his idea stolen by darwin, like poincare who formulated relativity and had his idea stolen by einstein, it was galileo who discovered gravity and it was stolen by newton who claimed it as his own. the oligarchs can deceive the majority of people because the majority of people don't have the type of education that gives them the true facts. the people who do have the type of education that gives them the true facts allow people who think the wrong thing because they understand that it is only by keeping a certain percentage of the population in ignorance about the real state of affairs that a rich/poor divide can be maintained.


 "a substance without limit or boundary... surrounds everything boundlessly... and from which heaven and earth are somehow generated" anaximander* 610-545 b.c.


     natural                                     simple                                                                     motion

                           6 . 62000000000000000000000000000              planck's constant:   the least thing that can happen




                                       3000000000000000000                       poincares/einstein's** constant:  the fastest it can happen at



                                              m 1 + m 2 / r 2                                   galileo/newton's*** gravity:  the slowest it can happen at